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City of Toronto Employment & Social Services 2022


UHT-SMH Neurovascular Unit 2022


LifeWorks-16 York 2022


UHT-SMH The Schroeder Brain & Heart Centre 2021


UHT-SMH BARLO MS Centre 2021


Recognition Programs 2007-2020


Wayfinding Masterplanning 2007-2020


Lunar New Year Card 2022


Lunar New Year Card 2023


Branding & Promotion 2007-2020


Story of City Man 1993



What El's Idea, also known as What El’s Creative, was founded by Elsa Yuen in Toronto in 1998. Elsa devoted to provide integrated design methodology through strategic wayfinding masterplanning, all-around design services and precise contract management in order to build effective and efficient visual communications through all media in the built environment.


Elsa graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Visual Communications - Illustration Design at Swire School of Design of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1993. She moved to Canada in 1997 and continued her profession in Toronto since then. Elsa has been the professional member of R.G.D. the Association of Registered Graphic Designers since 2006 and SEGD the Society for Experiential Graphic Designs since 2007. She was also the professional member and executive director of CCAMMA the Chinese Canadian Advertising Marketing & Media Association from 2008 to 2012.


Elsa's motto: there is no magic and shortcut for experience; only work hard, dig deep, learn from lessons, move on with wisdom.

Elsa S.W. Yuen

Design Director & Founder

SERVICES: User Experience Study, Wayfinding Masterplanning, Compliance Design Development, Tender Documents, Budget Estimation, Contract Management, Onsite Supervision. 

PROJECTS: Hospitals & Health Centres, Municipal Facilities & Service Centres, Community Recreation Centres, Shelters, Institution Facilities.

Projects collaboration with clients, architects and interior designers, engineers, general contractors, fabricators and installers.


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What El's Idea | What El's Creative | Elsa Yuen | 416.712.7222 | elsayuen@whatels.ca | 26 Joanith Drive, East York, Ontario M4B 1S7.

Beware of scams associated rumors, harassment and hate-crimes that shadowing data, identity and property robbery of all kinds.
What El's Idea and What El's Creative is not a retail; not a call centre; not any building security office; not a databank programmer.
To verify the credibility of those unrelated advertisement, call, text message and request as well as company listing
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