UHT-SMH BARLO MS Centre 2021 
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Wayfinding Masterplanning


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What El's Idea, also known as What El’s Creative, was founded by Elsa Yuen in Toronto in 1998. Elsa devoted to provide integrated design methodology through strategic masterplanning, all-around design services and precise project management in order to build effective and efficient visual communications through all media.


Founder & Design Principal, SEGD, R.G.D., CCAMMA

SERVICES: User Experience Study, Wayfinding Masterplanning, Compliance Design Development, Tender Documents, Budget Estimation, Contract Management, Onsite Supervision. 

PROJECTS: Hospitals & Health Centres, Municipal Facilities & Service Centres, Community Recreation Centres, Shelters, Institution Facilities.

Projects collaboration with end users, architects, engineers, interior designers, general contractors, fabricators and sub-trades.


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